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4 of the Best Places to Travel and Trade

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4 Places to Travel and Trade

Considering going travelling but want to take your trading with you? One of the most common complaints among traders is that working means there’s less time for seeing the world. But why not do both?

If you’re not tied to a specific location, travelling while working is the way to have the best of both worlds (just remember to make a note of the time differences when you’re trading!)

So - where should you visit? Whether you’re looking to cross cities from your bucket list or for a new dose of inspiration, there are many factors to consider: cost of living, co-working spaces - and, of course, wifi connection speed.

We’ve picked the best four places for digital nomads to travel and trade…

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4 Best Places to Travel and Trade

Bangkok, Thailand


Firstly: Bangkok has excellent wifi connection, so you won’t need to worry about losing connection and losing your trade. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has introduced free public wifi in 15,000 locations across Bangkok, offered at 64 Kbps, so there’s plenty of spaces to work from.

Living in Bangkok is super affordable - based on short-term stays (up to 3 months) staying in cheap hotels, NomadList calculated the cost of living per month to be $1,527.

When you’re finished trading for the day, Bangkok also has a range of affordable bars and restaurants to unwind in (according to NomadList, a basic meal in a restaurant will cost you $2.65!). Super cheap plus excellent wifi: what more do you need?

Bangkok also boasts a range of brilliant co-working spaces, from Just Co. (where a desk is less than $35 per month) to Glowfish, as well as creative cafés to work from - including Too Fast to Sleep, which is open 24 hours a day and has a ‘quiet zone’, perfect for trading and perfect for productivity.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


This is one for high-flying traders. Dubai has extremely high living costs (NomadList calculates an average living cost as $4,108, with an average restaurant meal costing just under $10), but if you’re considering a luxurious short-term stay, this might be the place for you!

Dubai is home to many exciting co-working spaces and cafes with super-fast wifi connection, including A4 Space (a completely free co-working space), and Nest (packages include unlimited coffee and a discount at the snack bar). Work-friendly cafes include Urban Bistro (with fast wifi and affordable coffee and food) and Cafe Rider (with a mezzanine floor and large laptop-friendly tables).

Although expensive, Dubai is an excellent place to explore: on your days off from trading, why not try something a little different for dinner at the Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant, or stroll through Dubai’s famous Old Quarter?

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


This is a good option for those traders hoping to make travelling a little less pricey! Unlike Dubai, Ho Chi Minh has incredibly low living costs, as well as speedy wifi connection - meaning trading while you’re there will be easy (and working remotely won’t break the bank!)

Make the most of your time in Vietnam by interspersing your trading with tasting the delicious local food: eating out in Ho Chi Minh is super-affordable - according to NomadList, a basic meal in a restaurant costs an average of $2.38. Try a delicious Hanoian dish at digital nomad favourite Bun Cha 145, or Vietnamese Pho at Secret Garden.

Whether you’re looking to rent a co-working space, or work from cafes (The Loop is an expat favourite) while sight-seeing, Ho Chi Minh offers plenty of options. CirCo Coworking Space offers members 24/7 access, plus meeting rooms and free coffee, while Workyos is located in an extremely affordable district and offers high-speed wifi and twelfth floor views of the city.

Cheap living, delicious food and excellent wifi makes Ho Chi Minh a perfect option for digital nomads looking to take their trading travelling.

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Prague, Czech Republic


This is a favourite among digital nomads: it’s not as pricey as Dubai, but more expensive than Ho Chi Minh, making it an excellent mid-price getaway destination.

Prague has excellent wifi connection, and excellent spaces to work. Pracovna is a digital nomad dream: a cosy cafe that doubles as a co-working space, meaning you can work in the coffee shop, or rent the office space by the hour if you need a little more concentration. Místo is incredibly spacious and relatively quiet, so you can trade without too much distraction.

The city is also home to many different coworking spaces - from Tech Square (24/7 services and office supplies) to K10 (free coffee plus yoga sessions) - so you can find the option that suits your trading needs.

Don’t forget to check out the city when you’ve stepped away from MT4: why not check out some history in the Old Town Square, or dine at Restaurant Zvonice for traditional Bohemian Czech food?

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