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5 Best Forex Trading Podcasts

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5 Best Forex Trading Podcasts

When it comes to forex trading, Twitter and other social channels are great places to get your daily dose of info. But when you need a deeper dive into the trading world, you might benefit from listening to a forex trading podcast, especially if professional currency experts curate it. 

Trading podcasts are a great tool to learn forex trading regardless of your level of expertise or experience. They offer an immersive experience that gives you direct access to the world's foremost currency experts who share their knowledge. They cover everything from technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and discovering the best forex trading strategies to specific topics such as avoiding getting ripped off by bad brokers.

Getting started with any new skill is hard as you move from zero to one. The best way to become an expert is by learning from the experts, and this is exactly what the five best forex podcasts offer. Let's get started.

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The Best Forex Trading Podcasts

1. Chat with Traders podcast

This is one of the best and most famous trading podcasts by Aaron Fifield. Chat with Traders is the only podcast that interviews traders of all levels to determine how they make money in the markets. This weekly 15-75 minute trading podcast gets you right behind the scenes and shows you how successful professional traders do it so that YOU can do it too! There's no better way to learn how you can become financially independent than to listen to experienced traders in action.

Chat with Traders has a dynamic mix of traders who share their best practices. Here you can get the latest trends and tips for successful results, and much more. This trading podcast is useful for both novices and seasoned traders.

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2. Desire To Trade podcast

Desire To Trade is a trader-led podcast hosted by Etienne Crete that helps beginners to advanced traders with common problems. Desire To Trade has been running since 2011 with over 200 episodes, and, over the years, it became the destination for forex traders who want honest trading advice free from the cult-like hype of the trading industry.

The Desire To Trade podcast is for traders who want to learn trading from the ground up. The trading podcast course has been designed to help you understand trading psychology and basic concepts at your own pace.

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3. Two Blokes Trading podcast

A few minutes a day will keep you in the loop on all things forex. Tom and Owen host Two Blokes Trading podcast. They introduced Brandon, a successful trader who replaced Owen. Two blokes discuss everything involved with trading the markets, including how to pick a broker, strategies that they use currently, regulation/government interference, and much more.

When it comes to trading, sometimes you just need a friend who can explain the market and economic forces at work or give you an opinion of how it's all looking (or if it's an excellent time to buy or sell). Whether you're a new trader or looking for an alternative viewpoint, this trading podcast will help make your next move. They keep the pace lively, so you'll get insights in less than 10 minutes. 

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4. Motley Fool Money trading podcast 

Starting forex trading may seem like an uphill task. It's no wonder that many people have questions about how they can get started: What do I need to invest? Do I need an online broker? Which broker should I choose? And how exactly do I trade? Motley Fool Money is a trading podcast dedicated to answering these and other questions, helping you understand the currency trading's ins and outs to make informed decisions when you finally decide to take the plunge.

Hosted by Chris Hill and a panel of investment analysts, the weekly show presents unique insights on global markets, stocks, bonds, investing, and personal finance. It gives listeners the tools they need to succeed in all of these areas.

Motley Fool Money trading podcast features real-time comments from The Motley Fool authors, as they discuss currency trading and how investors can use forex to further their portfolios. The trading podcast is recorded live on the Web at Motley Fool, and is accessed by a growing audience of thousands of traders interested in taking advantage of exchange-traded foreign currencies. The show also features commentary from financial analysts and callers who phone in with questions about commodity futures, options, and other aspects of FX trading.

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5. 52 Traders podcast

52 Traders is one of the best forex podcasts. It's a research-driven weekly trading podcast that provides cutting-edge market analysis and practical advice to serious traders searching for higher returns. Each week, 52 Traders delivers over two hours of detailed analysis and commentary focused on forex and stocks, as well as interviews with trendsetting traders. By subscribing to the trading podcast series, you will automatically receive each episode delivered directly to your iTunes feed when it's published.

From the author of the bestselling trading book "52 Ways to Make Money Online", you can access a year's worth of trading strategy and expert's analysis via this trading podcast. Every listener will learn something new since Cam Hawkins has superb interview skills and will get the most detailed, reliable answers from his guests. 

The 52 Traders Forex Trading Podcast is designed for the individual trader and retail forex broker looking to learn basic to advanced Forex trading techniques, including consistent trend following, market opinion, and safe money management strategies. Some of these techniques have given their guest traders a risk-reward ratio of over 100:1.

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