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5 Female Forex Traders to Inspire Your Career

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The forex market is one of the highly profitable markets in the world. But unfortunately, it has a reputation of being a 'boys’ club'. It's no secret that throughout history, men have primarily dominated financial markets. Even today, female forex traders tend to be the exception rather than the rule - but that’s slowly changing. Here are some of the world’s most successful female forex traders to inspire your career…

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5 Female Forex Traders

1. Kathy Lien

"I am not here to make friends." At least, this is what Kathy Lien tells her clients when they ask about her work as a female forex trader. Kathy has been trading professionally as an independent futures and FX trader since the 90s and has been featured on Forbes magazine, Asian Trader, and Investing Daily.

Kathy Lien's early career started in the traditional finance world, which she left behind for a series of high-profile roles with major financial institutions. However, her independent work is most notable as she has written numerous books and runs a successful online forex blog. Lien is an advocate for women who want to pursue their dream job in trading. She shares all kinds of advice and opportunities for female forex traders through her website, DailyFX.com.

"40% of all behaviour is genetic, and 60% is learned - which is good news, because if we’ve learned something, we can unlearn it to learn a better pattern of behaviour." Read our Q&A with trading psychology coach Mandi Rafsendjani here>>

2. Kim Krompass

Kim Krompass is an American female forex trader and CEO of the Price Action Traders Institute (PATI) in San Francisco. She has been trading for over fifteen years and was a high-level CPA who ran a very successful outplacement firm from 1996 to 2001.

She says she was too young to sit around after retiring from her accounting job in 2001. Kim was interested in markets but didn't have the time to learn about them at the time. When she first heard about forex in 2004, she devoted all of her energy and attention to it.

Kim has been in business as a female forex trader for over 12 years. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram for tips and advice.

"Women make excellent traders because they are not afraid to talk about or confront their feelings or emotions - something that's necessary to succeed as a trader." Read our Q&A with Kim Krompass here>>

3. Mary Callahan Erdoes

For over twenty years, Mary Callahan Erdoes has been a leader in the international financial market. She has served as the chief executive officer of J.P. Morgan Asset Management since 2002.

Mary is an excellent example of how hard work and perseverance can pay off, especially for women. She had to start with what she described as a glorified mailroom job, which many people dismiss as "unimportant." But she worked her way up to her current role. She's been described as a credible and influential voice in market-making and one of the most powerful women in finance.

When asked what the most pressing issue was for women in the financial industry, Ms. Erdoes responded, "a lack of role models." It isn't easy to gain a foothold on the path to success when you're the only one on it. Today, however, that may be changing due to a few major players who have begun to pave the way.

"I never had reversal patterns explained to me, or divergences, or sideways markets, or support and resistance." Read our Q&A with Marina Villatoro here>>

4. Kiana Danial

Kiana Danial is a top-tier trader and author who has been involved in the financial markets for over ten years. Her most recent venture, Invest Diva, is a startup that teaches women how to manage their own money.

She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Television, Fox News, Financial Advisor Magazine, and the other US and Middle Eastern publications. 

Invest Diva was recently named one of the Inc. 5000's fastest-growing companies in 2015 for its innovative approach to empowering women to save and invest for their futures. She focuses on empowering women to grow their wealth through investing, especially in male-dominated sectors.

"If you have the dedication and persistence, you are more than equipped to succeed." Read our Q&A with Katherine Szewczyk here>>

5. Linda Raschke

Linda Raschke, one of the stars of CNBC's hit show "The Profit," took an unusual path to success in the financial world. She began her career as an independent female forex trader 22 years ago, after working as a floor trader on the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange. She has made money in everything from treasury bonds to tech stocks to precious metals throughout her illustrious career.

She shows her daily setups to her Private Forex Trading Academy subscribers, which are her buy and sell signals. Linda Raschke also writes articles solely for members with strategies that they can use on their own and specific trading strategies based on news events.

After more than 40 years in the markets, Linda is a successful and self-assured leader in the trading community - especially for female forex traders. She continues to educate others about forex trading by attending trade shows, webinars, conferences, and posting on social media.

"Women have a lot going on in their lives - and forex demands time to learn." Read our Q&A with Luyanda Shando here>>

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