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5 Reasons to Join BluFX

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5 reasons blufx

Considering joining BluFX but not sure how a subscription might benefit you?

BluFX is designed to help traders like you rise to the top in the forex spot market. We’re the world’s first innovative subscription-based trading platform - a refreshing alternative to opening a broker account or joining a traditional prop firm.

You may be wondering how joining BluFX can help your trading. So - here are five key reasons joining BluFX is incredibly beneficial…

Join BluFX today!

5 Reasons to Join BluFX

1. BluFX makes trading simple

When you join BluFX, we make the process simple. Unlike other companies, at BluFX there are no deposits, no exams, and no hidden costs. We want to make the process as simple as possible for you so that you can focus on what you do best: making winning trades.

So when you join us, there are no expensive training courses or complicated exams to take - all you need to do is choose your subscription and get trading!

2. You have very limited personal risk

We know that one of the most daunting aspects of trading is the prospect of unlimited personal loss - so at BluFX, we’ve removed this from the equation.

When you subscribe, there is zero personal liability for any trading loss (yes, you read this right). Your only risk is limited to your fixed monthly account fee - which you can cancel at any time - which means trading at BluFX is as accessible and as flexible as possible.

3. Regular payouts are waiting for you

Once you hit 5% growth on your BluFX account, you can withdraw your profits to your bank account, which hundreds of our traders do every month. On the lite account, you can make $625 per payout - and on the Pro account, your payout will be $1,250.

Many of our traders go on to withdraw at multiple points throughout the month - beginning to make a steady income from their winning trades. Sounds good? BluFX might be for you.

4. Become our $1 Million Fund Manager!

If you find yourself consistently making great profits, at BluFX we want to help you succeed. There’s a key benefit to growing a small forex account with us: once you hit $1 million on your account, we will offer you an exciting position as a Fund Manager.

As a BluFX $1 Million Fund Manager, you will no longer have to pay a subscription fee and you will be compensated by a share of your profits. One of our top traders, Ivan, managed to do this in an impressive 263 days. Read about his experience on our blog: Becoming a BluFX Fund Manager.

There are plenty of other benefits to growing your account - you can read them in our blog, 3 Reasons to Grow Your Account.

5. We help the best traders rise to the top

We started BluFX to help the most talented traders rise to the top, regardless of their background - so if you’ve got the talent, we have the capital! At BluFX, every trader is equal and can compete on the same basis. We believe in granting everybody equal opportunity: we don’t screen our traders before they join us.

So if you’re a talented trader looking to prove your skill, BluFX is for you! We will offer you fully funded accounts - with no hidden costs, exams or trials - to help you succeed. So - do you have what it takes to join the world’s most successful traders?

Join BluFX today!

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