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6 Best Swing Trading Podcasts

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6 Best Swing Trading Podcasts

Many traders decide to try a swing trading strategy after feeling frustrated with day trading. Swing trading allows traders to buy stocks they feel have long term growth and hang onto them while they ride out the market. Check out some of these best swing trading podcasts to learn from their experiences and expertise.

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The Best Swing Trading Podcasts

1. The Razor's Edge

The Razor's Edge provides insight and information you can use to improve your trading performance, understand market fluctuations, and make better trading decisions. The goal is to help you catch the 'Razor's Edge’ between successful and unsuccessful traders.

Experience uncovering the truth of how you can profit through options trading in the financial markets. Learn from real people trading options live with honest money and true stories, including interviews with floor traders, active participants, and hedge fund managers. The Razor's Edge is among the best swing trading podcasts that give you the real scoop on how to make it as a trader.

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2. Stock Talk

This swing trading podcast is your real-time diary of trading with a wide array of stocks in the stock market. On Stock Talk, get episode recaps with detailed swing trading setups, watch live trades, learn about what could be possible in the market, and have fun along the way.

Stock Talk is a good listen for stock market investors and traders of various experience levels, with fascinating guests from different investing world corners. Plus, hosts Trevor and Cory combines humour, hard-hitting questions, and common sense in a single podcast. 

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3. Money Control

Money Control is one of the best swing trading podcasts, and welcomes you to the world of technical analysis. If you are a trader or interested in the markets, this is the place for you. They explore automated and manual technical analysis methods and charting using different types of financial trading tools. In addition to showing you how to read charts and make decisions using technical analysis, the podcast also examines some of the other essential trading strategies used in conjunction with this type of approach.

The podcasters look beyond the news of the day to what is ahead for the weeks and months ahead. Each week they recap how markets are performing along with telling you what they're watching out for, why it matters, and what it means for your portfolio in the days ahead.

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4. Swing-Trading the Stock Market

The weekly podcast is designed to help you navigate the markets in a way that gets your greed into gear. Traders will consistently focus on the key drivers of all currency pairs to make real-time trading decisions. As a trader, you're not just getting trades and commentary. You'll find plenty of depth in their game plan, ideas, and fundamentals with lots of technical talks.

Swing-Trading the Stock Market is hosted by top swing traders who teach you how to optimize your trading style and profit from the market's swings. You will get strategies and tips exclusively from real swing traders.

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5. Top Dog Podcast

Investing is serious business. And, so is having a little fun while you learn. The best swing trading podcasts deliver both, along with entertaining stories from the world of finance and investing news. From market comments to investment strategies to hilarious stories, Top Dog podcast has something for everyone.

Top Dog brings you insights from three veterans of the investment world. This is one of the best swing trading podcasts specially designed for beginner and intermediate investors to have fun while learning market strategies and how to trade stocks. The game is all about leveraging the power of dividends to retire early. Each episode includes a stock pick or two along with sound advice on when to buy and sell stocks and necessary investing skills.

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6. The Trade Ideas Podcast

The Trade Ideas Podcast has fast become the best swing trading podcast for active trade and stock market participants worldwide. 

The podcast features interviews with professional traders, market experts, and leading financial analysts. It primarily discussing top stocks, momentum trades, trading strategies, and market news. As always, the podcast consists of unfiltered honesty, ensuring listeners get the right information to better their investing skills. 

If you are a serious trader who wants an edge, this is one of the best swing trading podcasts that offers you a ticket ticket to the big leagues. Downloaded every week by over 500,000 professionals the world over, it's the only podcast that connects traders directly to all of the information they need to make profitable trades.

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