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6 Forex Podcasts for Beginners

Posted by BluFX


6 Forex Podcasts for Beginners

If you're new to forex or thinking about taking the plunge, then it's a good idea to start learning as much as you can from people with experience. Not sure where to start? Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn from professionals working in the industry - here, we list some of the best forex podcasts for beginners.

One of the best things about these kinds of learning resources is that you can integrate them into your daily routine without any extra effort. It costs nothing and is hassle-free. Learn something new with this list of forex podcasts for beginners to help you get started.

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The Best Forex Podcasts for Beginners

1. Chat with Traders

This is one of the best forex podcasts for beginners: you can learn how to trade currencies effectively from seasoned traders. Chat with Traders allows you to dive deeper into the minds of top traders and learn more about their investment strategies. This is a step beyond the introductory currency podcast for beginners, and it delivers expert trading action for novice traders! 

Each podcast has a varied approach, but Aaron - a forex trader and professional instructor - remains at the heart of each conversation. Whether you’re just starting in the forex world or want to learn more about trading concepts, this podcast is for you.

Discover Chat with Traders forex podcast here>>

2. Desire To Trade Podcast

Terabytes of information exist about trading forex. But how do you sift through the noise to get the valuable knowledge you need to succeed as a trader? That is where Desire to Trade comes in. 

The experts talk about getting the fundamentals right, finding the edge and choosing the best trade possible. With their experience and expertise, you can learn from the mistakes they've made and avoid making the same as you build a profitable trading strategy. Their mission is to provide actionable information, strategies, and tutorials for the beginning trader that guide you through the steps of becoming a profitable forex trader. Get listening!

Try the Desire to Trade forex podcast here>>

3. Forex Beginner Podcast

Forex podcasts for beginners can help you learn how to trade the forex market by giving you lessons and trading strategies. Once you start listening to these podcasts, you will learn new strategies for buying and selling currencies, technical analysis, day trading, trading forex futures, and more.

Created to help beginning forex traders and investors achieve success, the Forex Beginner Podcast is informative, entertaining, and inspirational. The brainchild of two active forex traders, this podcast will enlighten you on the basics of the market, such as how forex works, where to start, and strategies for success.

Listen to the Forex Beginner Podcast here>>

4. Tune In Podcast

Don't let the name fool you! The Tune In forex trading coach podcast focuses on the psychology and profitability behind trading. Ever wondered how successful traders do what they do? Please tune in to learn how they approach the market with such confidence that they can make a trading career out of it.
With lessons ranging from how to set up your first account and the types of trading available, you'll be comfortable enough to begin your forex journey. Each episode includes interviews with successful traders and an introduction to valuable resources and tools that can help you master your online trading experience.
Listen to the Tune In podcast>>

5. The Traders Podcast

The Traders Podcast is one of the fastest-growing forex trading coach podcasts out there! Rob's widely celebrated podcast is now ten years old and has delivered hundreds of hours of hugely valuable trading information and education. His ethos is that "every trader who puts in the effort can learn to trade for a living, and can look forward to a lifetime of financial freedom."

The Traders Podcast has steadily increased in popularity and has had over two million downloads since launching in 2011. Rob is a former hedge fund manager turned day trader. He covers topics ranging from the psychology of trading to the best approaches for day trading options.

Tune in to The Traders Podcast>>

6. Trading Fundamentals for Beginners

To succeed in the stock market, you need a strategy. But even the most sophisticated trading strategies can fail if a trader lacks the basic skills necessary to develop and execute a winning plan. That is why Trading Fundamentals for Beginners is the perfect primer for traders who are new to the world of investing.

Trading Fundamentals for Beginners takes you from confusion to clarity by taking advantage of the natural order of things: fundamentals, technicals, and sentiment. This forex podcast for beginners will break down each factor into bite-sized chunks, so each subject matter's complexities won't overwhelm you. 

This forex trading podcast is NOT a technical manual, but an easy-to-understand guide that is designed for the beginner.

Listen to Trading Fundamentals for Beginners>>

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