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7 Best Forex Trading Audiobooks

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Best Forex Trading Audiobooks

If you're an active forex trader who wants to learn new trends, strategies, and techniques, listening actively is one of the best ways to do this. Audiobooks are perfect because you can listen while working or driving (or doing anything that doesn't require too much attention). With the numerous benefits of audiobooks, many traders often ask which books we should be listening to. Here, we share some of our top picks for the best forex trading audiobooks.

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What are the best forex trading audiobooks?

1. 30 Minutes with a Forex Trader

Enjoy 30 minutes with a forex trader through this audiobook collection. Get valuable insights into the strategy, mindset, and psychology of a professional trader. It gives a personalised and comprehensive look at trading from an experienced currency exchange investor. 

Hear from a forex trader in this audiobook who walks the listener through an actual trading day. Some of the trading nuggets include how you might implement breakout and trend continuation entries, how to use indicators and time frames to support your entries, building your own customised trading plan, money management principles, risk management principles, and price action versus fundamentals.

In essence, this audiobook will help you understand how currencies are actually traded, the way forex traders think about their craft through quotes and interviews with seasoned currency investors from around the world.

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2. The Little Book of Currency Trading

The Little Book of Currency Trading is one of the best forex trading audiobooks available - and a friendly guide to a sometimes baffling world. It is written for beginners and experienced investors alike. It cuts through the jargon and offers fresh insight into what works, with a good dose of plain speaking thrown in for good measure. From the basic tools of currency trading to the financial news, The Little Book of Currency Trading will give you a better understanding of what makes currency markets move and how you can play them.

Understand how currency pairs are traded, where transactions occur, and the mechanisms of dealing, including which currencies are in demand. In this audiobook, you will know when and how to open a position, how to close a position, the role of leverage, order types like stop loss and trailing stop orders, among other things.

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3. The Daily Trading Coach

Day trading is the most exciting, challenging way to trade the markets, but it also comes with big risks. Successful trading requires emotional discipline and a strategy for managing this risk. To build that strategy and your knowledge of technical analysis, you need The Daily Trading Coach. In this audiobook, best-selling author and widely recognised trader Mark Douglas teaches you how to eliminate unnecessary distractions and focus on what matters.

Learn the key elements to successful trading, such as risk management, trade selection, money management, and psychology. The Daily Trading Coach will show you how to control your emotions in the market and confidently enter into and manage trades. This audiobook features a programme designed for all traders at any level who desire consistent profits with reduced stress. 

Whether you’re looking to build your personal wealth or professional portfolio, this program will help you take trading on the forex market seriously and open up new opportunities.

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4. Market Wizards

Open your door to the world of forex trading with Market Wizards - one of the best forex trading audiobooks out there. This collection of interviews introduces you to forty of the top traders in the business, including twenty-two market wizards from recent history. Author Jack D. Schwager has conducted interviews with some of the most successful traders, allowing you to learn first hand how they think and operate. 

Using Market Wizards as a self-teaching guide to learn basic technical analysis, you will quickly develop the skills needed to understand price charts and fundamentals. This audiobook begins with the basics and assumes no previous experience in trading or knowledge of financial markets.

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5. The Complete TurtleTrader

The TurtleTrader by Michael Covel is a story of how one ordinary guy could earn consistent returns of 40% per year just by following the simple rules of a turtle trading system. While riding the train to work each day, Michael would rattle off system buy and sell messages into his personal digital assistant. His boss at that time, Steve Cohen, later started and currently runs 'SAC Capital Advisors", one of the most successful hedge funds in history utilising a variation of this same.

The Complete TurtleTrader is one of the best forex trading audiobooks that explains how to avoid the common pitfalls of short-term trading and instead use a trend following system to make profits regardless of the markets consistently. This audiobook is like having your own TurtleTrader mentor right by your side.

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6. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

This forex trading audiobook is a short story about the stock operator Jesse Livermore. It gives a glimpse into a stock speculator's life at the turn of the 20th century and details his trading techniques: how he made and lost his fortune several times over. Livermore was one of the few traders who wrote books on his methods. 

The Reminiscences includes many valuable lessons on the stock market and trading in general. Learn from his story and apply lessons on how to develop your own personal trading style that will help you achieve success in the markets.

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7. Thinking in Bets 

Markets are designed to make fools of us all - to extract our money without regard for what we want or need. That doesn't have to be the case. A simple set of tools can help you cut through all the hullabaloo of modern investing. You can think more clearly, and make safer and more profitable investments. This audiobook will teach you how to do it. 

Thinking in Bets is a magnificent voyage into the world of probability and decision-making. This is not a book about how to gamble; it's a book about how to succeed. Written by the world's best poker player, Annie Duke, this audiobook teaches us how to make smart decisions when we're not quite sure what will happen next. 

In a nutshell, this book will help you overcome natural bias and change your perspective when making trade-related decisions.

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