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9 Best Personal Finance Podcasts

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9 Best Personal Finance Podcasts

Trying to save for your forex goal? Trying to learn to trade with little or no money? Don't worry! There are plenty of ways to get your personal finances under control to start putting money towards your trading dream - one of them being excellent advice and tips from some of the best personal finance podcasts. Dive in...

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The Best Personal Finance Podcasts

1. Wake Up To Money

Tune every weekday morning to the Wake Up To Money podcast from the BBC Radio 5 live's business team. This business news podcast will help you understand current events in financial markets and advise how to manage your portfolio effectively. Hosted by Sean Farrington, the Wake Up To Money podcast features the latest financial markets news. Here you can listen to interviews and roundtable discussions about business and personal finance. The site receives over half a million visits each month.

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2. It's Your Money

The Telegraph hosts one of the best personal finance podcasts. It's Your Money is an essential guide to help turn your money into more money. With shows covering a wide range of topics, such as property investment interest rates and investing, you won't find a better way to get financial advice from the experts. There’s a wealth of content - from jargon and insider talk to house deposits and student loans.

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3. Money Clinic 

Money Clinic from the FT aims to be one of the best personal finance podcasts in the UK, designed for millennials. Each week, Claer Barrett distils major personal finance issues into bite-sized chunks to keep you informed and ready to take action. With everything from managing your finances to the latest investment ideas, it's all here. This is the podcast for every serious, intelligent listener of personal finance. It's authoritative and up to date. They've interviewed high-profile business people about ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts), Investment Trusts, and young adults with credit cards. Plus, they've got experts to answer your questions, too, like "should I start a side business?" or "how much do I need to save for a pension?" Tune in for all things money-related!

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4. Money to the Masses

Money to the Masses podcast is designed to help everyone understand money in an ordinary person's language. The podcast features interviews with people making money running their businesses or online brands. The show is heavily based on how Damien has gone from being financially inept to saving over £50k in his portfolio. He first began investing 20 years ago when he learned to trade shares while working as a quantity surveyor for an Irish building firm. After studying towards a degree in Law, Damien qualified as a solicitor in 2002 and currently works as a legal director for an international insurance brokerage. He now shares his wealth of knowledge via money to the Masses podcast.

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5. Radical Personal Finance

The Radical Personal Finance show is a mix of actionable, real-world tips and ideas brought to you by Joshua J. Sheats. Whether you're taking this podcast to learn how to use the money you have now or how to plan for financial freedom in the future, you'll gain insight through actionable advice. This podcast is a real-life look at what it takes to succeed in the 21st-century economy as an individual or family. He's not your typical financial advisor. Joshua was broke and had to fix his finances twice. When Joshua's wife lost her job, they had to find ways to live on 70% of their income. His programs will teach you how to get your future back. Best of all, he makes it an adventure by sharing stories from his journey and interviews with others.

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6. Money for the Rest of Us

Whatever your financial goals, Money for the Rest of Us can help you get there. David Stein is a former portfolio manager who has seen it all in the financial world and personal life. His mission is to help people have enough money to retire. With 10+ years of financial experience, he isn't afraid to talk about topics that most others would not touch. Listen to episodes about investing, retirement planning, achieving financial independence, real estate investing, and more.

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7. Invest Like the Best

There are many personal finance podcasts out there, but so few focus on investment and its various aspects. This show wanted to curate the best personal finance podcasts for investing and financial freedom because it's something that most people don't talk about. The Invest Like the Best Show is the world's most popular podcast on investing in stocks and individual stock picking. This podcast is for you if you are interested in investment research, personal finance, index investing, or long-term investing. Legendary investor James O'Shaughnessy, and best-selling author of the book, What Works on Wall Street, talks about investors' secrets. 

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8. This is Money

Although plenty of general personal finance podcasts are entertaining and useful, learning about specific areas can be more helpful. The best personal finance podcasts are easy to listen to, exciting, and informative. They can help you learn how to get into better financial shape and save money. This is Money podcast is a weekly roundup of the week's most important personal finance stories from MailOnline's team. Presented by Editor Simon Lambert, each episode features a lively discussion with host broadcaster Georgie Frost. They will look at topical subjects and trends, bringing you opinion, tips, and predictions in an entertaining yet data-focused format.

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9. Money Box

Money Box from BBC Radio 4 is one of the best personal finance podcasts in the UK, and one of the most popular with listeners. Discover interviews with the biggest names in personal finance and hear how to cut your finances down to size. Among the best personal finance podcasts, money box is the best resource for improving your finance knowledge. This show's host is known to offer lessons on money, investments, credit, and taxes. The podcast also has several unique discussions, such as maintaining your sanity at work and paying off debts.

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