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BluFX Trader Q&A: Abdo ($1m Fund Manager)

Posted by BluFX



Our BluFX trader Abdo hit the $1m Fund Manager target last year (read about his journey to $1 million here) - and now he's making a £25k withdrawal. We catch up with Abdo to chat about his journey with BluFX so far. 


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Abdo Q&A: Journey to $1 Million - One Year Later

You can see Abdo's withdrawal below.

Abdell Zine Withdrawal

1. Last year you become the quickest person to reach fund manager status in just under six months. How has your trading been since then?

Yes last year was the best for me - to be honest 2020 was the most difficult and the most complicated, and I don't think I'm the only one! Everyone has had a difficult and crazy year, but in the end I made a good profit, and I will finish the year in good profit.

2. What would you do differently after reaching the 1 million account as a trader?

I would do more swing trading.

3. How has reaching the 1 million mark impacted your life?

Having $1 million in my trading account has changed a lot of things in my life - my goals, my dreams, and my mindset.

4. You're about to do a major withdrawal on your account - how much are you receiving?

I made a withdrawal total of $25,000, I will receive 50%.

5. Are you planning to buy anything special with your withdrawal?

No, not with this withdrawal , I'm waiting for the next 3 withdrawals to buy a new apartment.

6. What would you say is the most important ingredient to your success?

Discipline, fortitude and a lot of patience.

7. Has the BluFX opportunity changed your life?

Yes and it was a totally positive change.

8. What are your plans for the future with your trading?

My plans are to have more capital to manage and make more money - of course!

9. What would be your advice to other traders who are aiming for $1 million fund manager status?

  • Treat trading like an important business - be serious, patient and disciplined
  • You’re not gonna get rich quick, so don't gamble with your account
  • Always have a plan for exit, especially if the market moves against you
  • Always use a stop loss
  • Know when you must stop trading

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