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BluFX Trader Q&A: Cristian

Posted by BluFX


We spoke to one of our top traders, Cristian, to get some insight into his trading strategy and her experience of trading with BluFX.

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BluFX Trader Q&A: Cristian

Is BluFX your main source of income or do you have a job like most people?

I work two other jobs - 70 hours a week - and trade late London session and pre-US session.

Did you think the BluFX opportunity was too good to be true? And if so, what made you take that next step?

I didn't. I’ve had experiences with other proprietary firms with much stricter rules and once I saw KenFxFreak worked with the company I knew it was reputable.

What package did you subscribe to and why?

Pro package. I focus on the long game and account growth, and along with less strict rules it meant it was much better for longevity in trading.

How did you trade before BluFX?

I traded with other proprietary firms and my own funds. I trade price action, quarters theory, and during high volume times like major news events and US/London overlap.

How do you trade now?

I trade similarly, except I trade shorter term due to the rules now allowing positions to be held over weekends.

What’s been your biggest lesson so far being a BluFX trader?

Trade less, and hold your winners.

How do you keep focused?

I try to keep in mind that my trading plan is designed to give me a statistical advantage in the markets, and each time I veer from my plan I am putting myself at a statistical disadvantage.

What do you look for before entering the market?

Price action confirmations during high volume times that line up with a top down analysis.

What’s your main goal while trading with BluFX?

Reach 1M funds in under a year and use my story to help others do the same.

How has trading impacted you as an individual? Has it changed you in any way?

Trading has impacted me psychologically to understand risk vs reward in every aspect of life, because every action has a consequence. It’s our job to line up our actions with our vision.

What advice do you have for other people thinking about joining BluFX?

Do your homework. Don’t be lazy. Don’t think this is an easy way out of being broke. Don’t sign up if you can’t afford 6-12 months of membership without a withdrawal regardless of how good you are. Test your strategy alongside the BluFX rules on a demo account for a minimum of 3-6 months.

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