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BluFX Trader Q&A: Faisal

Posted by BluFX


We spoke to one of our top traders, Faisal, to get some insight into their trading strategy and their experience of trading with BluFX.

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BluFX Trader Q&A: Faisal

Is BluFX your main source of income or do you have a job like most people?

No, BluFX is not my main source of income. However, I hope to trade the 1 million account as I want to make forex my main source of income. 

Did you think the BluFX opportunity was too good to be true? And if so, what made you take that next step?

Well I thought the BluFX offer was too good to be true when I heard about it for the first time - but what made me take the next step was the subscription fee without any trial. It’s just about leverage on a bigger capital for a small fee - instead of trading with a very small capital of your own.

What package did you subscribe to and why?

I subscribed to the Pro package - the reason being that I can hold trades overnight and progress to the 1 million fund, which was very important to me.

How did you trade before BluFX?

Before BluFX I traded with a very small amount of capital because I couldn’t afford anything bigger. 

What’s been your biggest lesson so far being a BluFX trader?

My biggest lesson so far has been risk management when I’m trading with very tight leverage - therefore I have to be very selective about the trades I take.

How do you keep focused?

I keep focused by keeping calm and not rushing to make trading decisions. Sometimes when I lose focus I move away from my computer to relax, and I come back when I’m feeling more focused.

What do you look for before entering the market?

When entering the market, I make sure that what I’m seeing aligns with my trading plan and my risk parameters.

Have you ever hit your drawdown limit?

No, I have never hit my drawdown limit trading with BluFX. 

What’s your main goal while trading with BluFX?

My main goal is to trade the 1 million dollar account. 

How has trading impacted you as an individual? Has it changed you in any way?

Trading has impacted me in a very positive way. It’s made me become much more disciplined, and has taught me patience as well as how to view risk differently.

What advice do you have for other people thinking about joining BluFX?

My advice to other people who are thinking of joining BluFX is that they should have a solid trading plan in place, and be prepared to trade for three months without expecting any profit. If you have this in mind this will reduce the pressure, and you’ll be able to trade properly following your trading plan.

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