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Inside Forex Traders' Home Offices

Posted by BluFX

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Setting up a home office can be tricky, especially if working from home is new to you and you’re used to working in an office where everything is set up for you. How many screens should you have? What kind of desk chair? Should you position your desk in front of the window?

When you’re planning your own workspace, we know it can be useful to get a little inspiration from others - so we did a bit of digging on YouTube to take a look at some successful forex trader home offices, exploring everything from screen set up to desk space so you can create your own perfect trading desk. Here are a few videos we love...

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Please note that these are popular forex traders not affiliated with BluFX, and any trading advice taken from these tutorials is at the trader’s own risk.

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Forex Trader Home Office: See Inside

1. HumbledTrader

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As forex trader home offices go, HumbledTrader’s is relatively simple. In her video How to Build a Day Trading Computer Set Up, she talks about how she has set hers up, the LED monitors she uses, the vertical quad monitor mount. It’s also super useful in that she talks about how much each item costs - and includes links on where to purchase your own. This video also gets bonus points for being incredibly funny - HumbledTrader is super easy to watch and listen to, and is also a very useful introduction to home office trading equipment. Definitely a good place to start.

2. Montreal Trading Group


Looking to buy trading equipment on a budget? Montreal Trading Group has you covered. Their video, Trading Computer Setup, covers the equipment to buy and caters to a range of different budgets no matter what your price limit - and includes helpful info on the computer models, screen costs and keyboard brands.

3. Warrior Trading


Mike from Warrior Trading uses 6 LED matte-finish 27-inch monitors in his home office - and each screen is used for a different element to help him make the most effective trades, from market sentiment charts to stocks he’s trading for the day. In How to Set Up a 6 Monitor Trade Station, Mike answers all of the questions you might have about setting up a trading station - and links to his equipment so you can replicate his setup for yourself.

4. Mindfully Trading


Just starting out trading and need an affordable, travel-friendly setup? Then this Trading Setup for Beginners video by Mindfully Trading (AKA Emily) might help you! Emily is trading on a narrowboat so her tips might be useful for traders working with limited space as well as those working to a budget or looking to create a portable trading station. This video covers day trading laptop specs, trading monitor setup and extra accessories.

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