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Introduction to the BluFX blog

Posted by BluFX

Introduction to the BluFX blog

Welcome to the opening of the BluFX blog, in what we hope will be the first of many posts. We will begin with an introduction. The BluFX Remote Trader Programme was established in 2015 by Blueprint Capital LLC, after several years in development. Blueprint is a London based financial firm which was established in 2011 and first found success with algorithmic trading before the development of BluFX.

Welcome to the BluFX blog!

Since its launch, our programme has brought on new traders from almost 30 countries around the world. At Blueprint we consider every new member to the Remote Trader programme to be a part of our team, and so we are proud to say that the vast majority of our traders have found success in the platform and have been able to turn a profit.

Whilst it is inevitable that some traders are unable to find consistent success, we are fortunate to be able to say that none of them had to lose any of their own money, due to BluFX’s unique risk free system. If you’d like to read about some of our successful traders, you can find their stories on the “Trader Case Studies” page.

For the future, we are looking forward to the release of our Pro subscription package, which will enable overnight trades and is set to be available within the next few months. Meanwhile, our clients can look forwards to continued software development as our technical team rolls out new stability improvements.

As for this blog, we hope to be updating regularly from now on. Within the next two weeks there will be posts on the topics of developing a trading career with BluFX, and an educational post on the use and risks of leverage in trading.

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