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The Best Computer Set-Up For Forex Trading

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Computer Set-Up for Forex Trading

Successful trading requires the right tools: whether this is a meticulously drawn-up trading plan with efficient strategies; the right mindset, or the right computer equipment. Having the best computer set-up for forex trading is essential to maximise your profits - hunching over a tiny screen on a cluttered desk is not the way to improve your performance, so we’ve got a few tips to help...

In this blog, we take a look at creating the best computer set-up for forex trading possible: including whether to work on a laptop or computer, the number of screens you need, and the kind of desk to suit your working style.

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What’s the best computer set-up for forex trading?

Trading Academy

Best computer set up for forex trading via Tradingacademy.com

Most importantly, the best computer set-up for forex trading is one that makes you feel the most comfortable, energised and ready to start work for the day.

That might be decorating with motivational quotes above your screen, having your trading plan pinned to your notice board, or having space on your desk for energy-packed snacks or water. Whatever works for you!

However, there are a few tips we have on how to make your space the best computer set-up for forex trading it can be. See them below…

Best Computer Set-Up for Forex Trading: Which computer?

Investors Undergrond

Best computer set-up for forex trading via investorsunderground.com

Not sure which device to buy for the best computer set-up for forex trading? Here are some tips:

  • Processor: make sure your device has a powerful processor in order to smoothly run MT4, plus any other programmes you may need. Any device made in the last four years should have a powerful enough processor for your trading needs.
  • Display: make sure you have a high resolution display to avoid straining your eyes.
  • Screen size: is the screen big enough to display your charts?
  • Touchscreen: do you want a touchscreen to make navigation easier?
  • Weight: if you’re purchasing a laptop, do you want it to be easy to carry around if you’re trading remotely?
  • Memory and hard drive: make sure your device has at least 8GB RAM and at least 500GB hard drive.

Best Computer Set-Up for Forex Trading: How many screens?

Most traders tend to opt for at least two screens - so that looking at multiple programs is easy. Multiple screens means it’s easy to look back and forth between your emails, MT4, and your financial news sources, trading newsletters or other reading without flicking between browsers and tabs, so it’s a little easier on the eye and you’re less likely to lose track of what you have open!

If you’re working from a computer or a laptop, other screens are easy to purchase from any computer hardware store either in-person or online. However, if you’re satisfied with one screen but just want it a little larger, purchasing a larger screen is simple, and easy to connect to your laptop with a HDMI cable (just make sure your laptop has a HDMI port).


Best computer set up for forex trading via BabyPips.com

Best Computer Set-Up for Forex Trading: Computer or laptop?

Most traders tend to opt for a computer as they tend to be a little more robust than a laptop, and tend to provide bigger screen space - but there’s no reason a laptop can’t work as well (and, as above, you can always purchase a bigger display).

You’ll just need to make sure that whatever device you do choose has all the assets you require for smooth trading: this includes a powerful processor, high resolution display, and sufficient hard drive.

Macbooks and Mac computers are generally popular with traders as their operating systems make maintenance super easy - and they tick all the boxes above. Otherwise, Dell computers or laptops are popular too - as are Acer laptops.

The most successful trading is the result of an effective trading plan. See our 8-Step Trading Plan Checklist here>>

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