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What's the Best Forex Funded Account for me?

Posted by BluFX


Looking for a trading firm to supply you with a forex funded account? We know it can be a complicated and confusing process: there are so many factors to consider (Which firm has the lowest monthly cost? Do I need to pass a test or take a training course first? What’s the profit split like?) - so it’s hard to know which firm can supply you with the best forex funded account.

But at BluFX we make getting a forex funded account simple. We skip the nonsense, and allow you to start trading straight away once you’ve paid your monthly subscription fee. It’s that simple. So - why should you trust us to provide you with the best forex funded account? 

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What’s the best forex funded account for me?

The best forex funded account options differ from person to person, but in our experience the safest, most profitable forex funded accounts have no costs for training, no hidden fees, no tests and no waiting times to access a live account - and this is what we offer to you at BluFX. Explore why we might be the best option for you below.

1. The best forex funded account has no costs for training

That’s right: unlike our competitors, we don’t charge you to undertake a training course, evaluation programme or tests. There are no two-stage or three-stage evaluation processes, monitoring of your performance on a demo account or profit targets to hit before you’re allowed to access a fully funded forex account. 

At BluFX, there’s no cost to you apart from the monthly subscription fee, which you can cancel at any time. Simple!

You can purchase a BluFX subscription for £99 or £249 - see the different options on our Pricing page>>

2. The best forex funded account has no test to pass

One of the most frustrating things when looking for a fully funded forex account is the amount of tests you’ll often need to pass to prove your ability - whether this is testing your mathematical skill or trading knowledge.

At BluFX, we don’t screen our traders - so there are no tests to pass (paid-for or otherwise). Just prove you’ve got what it takes on a live account. We have traders from all over the world, at different levels of experience, and at different stages in their careers - and we believe everyone should be given a chance to prove their ability, no tests required.

See our Withdrawal process>>

3. The best forex funded account has no waiting

With no training costs, tests or additional stages to pass, that means you can get started trading on a live fully funded forex account straight away. 

We know how frustrating it can be when you think you have access to a live MT4 account, only to discover you need to pass multiple stages and hit multiple profit targets first - so we took that frustration out of the BluFX trading experience. With us, you don’t have to wait around - you can get started as soon as you like. 

See our Account Growth options>>

4. The best forex funded account has no hidden costs

What you see is what you get: you can purchase a BluFX subscription for a monthly fee of £99 or £249. There are no hidden costs for software, upgrades, drawdowns, bank transfers, or refinancing if you hit maximum drawdown on your account (we refinance you for free, and all losses are ours so there’s no personal cost to you). 

Still unsure? Read 5 Reasons to Join BluFX today!

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